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Bokashi Fermenting Methods Explained

Bokashi is a new and revolutionary way of fermenting (pickling) your kitchen waste. The method was developed in Japan and when done properly, breaks down the scrap material with many micro-organisms (lactobacilli, yeasts and phototropic microbes) all working together. It's easy to do once you have the right equipment.

You can ferment practically anything - even left-over meat and fish.

Bokashi fermenting - the next big thing?

Even though the general method has been known and practiced for hundreds of years, it was made substantially more reliable in practice and in Japan and popularized by Professor Teruo Higa who recognized that the correct composition of microbes was needed to get it right. The way it works is more akin to pickling than to the rotting you get with normal composting methods. Food waste is worked on by micro-organisms and then when it is safe it is put into the ground where soil microbes complete the work.

The big benefits are these:

Reduce Trash Collection Charges - Save money!

Placing your scraps in the Bokashi Cyclette and allowing them to ferment and go into the garden will reduce your weekly trash collection weight by about 20 - 30%. You should be able to change the size of your container or the pick-up frequency by your trash collector. Savings can be as high as $20 -$30 per month beginning the month you start fermenting with a Bokashi Cyclette.

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No rats!

Unlike traditional composting of scraps, rats and other vermin are not attracted to the buried fermented product that is rapidly converted to rich nutrients for your plants.

No smells.

There is no putrid or foul smell of decomposition to worry about and your BokashiCyclette fermenter will not attract flies. This is because it is kept sealed. Each day you add some of the Bokashicycle culture mix to cover each new layer of scraps. The effective micro-organisms contained in the Bokashicycle culture mix get to work on the food scraps. There is a small amount of liquid generated which can be used as a soil activator normally diluted 100 fold before being used on plants.

It's quick.

Two weeks is all that's needed for the organisms to do their work.

It's convenient.

You can include all types of food waste such as left-over meat scraps or cheese. The only inconvenience is that you have to chop up large bits of waste before adding them to the system.

How does it work?

The fermentation process is anaerobic. That means that air is effectively excluded during the process. The micro-organisms break down the constituents of the food waste until they are effectively pickled.

Bokashicycle is the totally natural way to reduce, reuse and recycle organic waste. Bokashicycle is 100% natural. It is safe for you, safe for your pets, and safe for the environment. Bokashicycle fermenting helps reduce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and bad smells like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia invariably associated with scrap composting. It is also much faster at breaking down your food scraps. Fermenting your scraps is a lot like making wine. Oxygen is the enemy causing a rotting smell. In the system, the lack of oxygen and the relatively low acidity prevent the organisms that produce gas and smells from forming, and any that were present will not be able to survive. They will be consumed by the anaerobic organisms that thrive when oxygen is absent.

Bokashicycle mixed with food or garden wastes allows recycling which reduces the amount of waste in landfills. The processed waste ends up in your garden where plants will get good use out of the nutrients that are produced while scraps are destroyed. With Bokashicycle a healthy balance of microbes go into the soil with the fermented scraps re-establishing the needed healthy high microbial counts present in healthy soil.

Bokashicycle treated soil provides for improved uptake of nutrients and antioxidants resulting in vigorous and healthy plant growth. The nutrient product produced in fermenting acts as a fertilizer for the plants.

Bokashi is used worldwide and reduces our dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Bokashi culture mix has a sweet fermented smell.

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