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Recycling Organic Waste:

Recycling of organic waste is an important and essential strategy that all municipalities and districts will increasingly mandate. Generally speaking it is advocated to divert waste from the landfill. Secondary considerations have to do with attempts to recover value from waste that would have otherwise been buried.

Recycling organic waste can be costly! You've got to provide additional containers for the organic waste and add new additional pick up services and then transport the organic waste to process (recycle).

You can ferment practically anything - even left-over meat and fish.

Divert Organic Waste to the Garden

Bokashicycle - Saves City Money:

Curbside waste collections are far from popular with residential customers. Nobody wants a pile of decomposing waste at the curb, attracting rodents, insects, and nobody wants to pay even more to dispose of waste materials.

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Bokashicycle has the solution!

Provide a fermenting kit to your residential clients so they can handle all of their organic waste at home. If the waste never appears at the curbside, you save money. No extra trucks, no containers needed for curbside, no tipping fees or transport costs to support... it's easy and very efficient.

Cities purchase wholesale priced systems and let the residential customers who want to return all the organic waste back to the garden divert waste so it never shows up at the curbside.


  • Fewer trucks, drivers, routes to be maintained.
  • Diverting waste so it never shows up at the curbside is a sustainable savings to the city.
  • Residential clients enjoy great soil and gardens.
  • Odor problems related to putrefying waste are eliminated.
  • Less effort and work than composting.
  • Works all year on all types of organic waste.
  • Cost of processing waste is very low at about $1 - $2 per month for consumable culture mix.
  • Greenhouse gases related to oxidizing (composting) organic waste, from petro fuel used by machines, trucks, and equipment related to composting totally eliminated.

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    Bokashi is used worldwide and reduces our dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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