Bokashicycle Conversion Kit for 96 gallon Bokashi Fermenters
Converts any standard 96/64 gallon toter to an anaerobic fermenter
with a built in drain for collecting liquid metabolites.

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Standard toters used to collect garbage may be converted to anaerobic fermenters to process yard waste or ferment organic waste in high volume with our conversion kit. Toters are well built and have wheels making it far easier to move them about. A full toter with fermented product may weigh as much as 400 pounds.

With a proper conversion, these toters which are easily found in local hardware stores or garden stores are used by consumers to bokashi ferment a variety of materials. The conversion requires a modification at the lid opening so that the system can be closed preventing oxygen from interfering in the anaerobic fermenting of waste material. A secure drain is also put in place at the base of the toter to allow for emptying of liquids formed during fermentation.

A rubber gasket is bonded to the lip of the toter using screws and a specialized bonding agent that will tolerate extreme changes in cold and heat and moisture. The rubber gasket is compressed forming a seal to exclude oxygen from entering the fermenter using a set of bungee cords with a center docking post mounted to the attached lid. It is easy to open and close the fermenter with a single loop over the center post.

The kit shown below provides all of the materials needed to make the conversion. You will need a few simple tools to complete the process.

Tools Required to Convert Toters to Anaerobic Fermenters:

  • Electric drill
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Crescent or socket wrench - 10/32 hex head
  • 2 inch diameter drill bit

Toter Anaerobic Conversion Kit Components: A photo image of the components and an itemized list and video instruction set on a memory stick accompanies each conversion kit. Conversion of toters is easy with straight forward instructions.

  • 1 - Drain cartridge (assembled)
  • 1 - Drain plug 1.5 inch, threaded
  • 3 - Cartridge set screws
  • 1 - Drain plug key
  • 1 - 6 inch drill template
  • 1 - each, Lid mounting post, screw, washer
  • 1 - Rubber gasket (fits 96 & 64 gallon toters)
  • 25- Phillip gasket screws
  • 1 - E6000 Adhesive cartridge 305 mL
  • 1 - Cartridge dispenser
  • 1 - 30 inch bungee
  • 1 - 18 inch bungee
  • 1 - Video memory stick (instructions on video)

Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds

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