Bokashicycle Fermenting System Filter and Valve

Bokashicycle Filter Cassette with Safety Pressure Release Valve

The filter cassette is a completely assembled unit that attaches to the locking lid of a fermenter allowing for anaerobic fermentation excluding oxygen but releasing pressure within the fermenter safely in the event there is a gas being produced that could damage the fermenter.

It is designed to be affixed to the fermenter's lid with 3 self drilling screws. A 2.25 inch hole must be placed in the lid. The cassette is bonded and affixed with screws and allows in addition to potential pressure release, the ability to easily separate liquids from the solids at the end of fermentation.

A separate key is provided that may be needed to properly tighten and or release the spigot ABS threaded cap.

Components for filter cassette:

  • 1 - Assembled tube filter cassette with multiple 1/2 inch diameter drainage ports
  • 1 - Safety pressure release valve ABS threaded cap

Shipping Weight: 1 pound

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