About Bokashi Pet Cycle

Pet Waste Disposal - Safe and Easy

Cats and dogs and other domesticated animals daily generate a very large amount of animal waste. Most pet owners are responsible. They pick up after their animals and want to safely dispose of the waste. Fermenting that animal waste is easy, fast and it is by far the most environmentally sound way of getting rid of the waste.

Animal waste left on the ground surface is not an acceptable option. Even if the waste is buried, which is the recommended up to now solution, it will take a long time to decompose. Microbes in the soil can not so rapidly breakdown the waste unless it has been altered by fermentation.

Pet waste on the ground surface or buried provides a ready path of potentially dangerous organisms and parasites traveling with the water run-off to larger reservoirs of water that are readily polluted.

Water treatment facilities will not effectively eliminate parasites like toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that has the well established potential to infect humans and it is particularly damaging to pregnant women. Flushing waste down the toilet is a bad choice.

Collecting pet waste in plastic bags that are then sealed and deposited in cans that are then taken to the landfill guarantees the waste will be retained deep in the ground to release methane for years in a repository of plastic polymers. We need to keep the waste out of the landfill.

Pet waste attracts flies, is smelly, and loaded with lots of microbes that can cause problems. You should not send it to a compost facility. A solution is needed.

Bokashi Pet Cycle - Fermenting System to safely and rapidly transform pet waste into a product that restores nutrients and microbes to the soil for ornamental plants is the better simple choice.

  • Eliminates pet waste odor
  • Reduces ground water run-off contamination
  • Diverts pet waste away from the landfill
  • Reduces greenhouse gas production
  • Rapidly metabolizes pet waste to nutrient and microbial rich soil for ornamental plants
  • Eliminates methane production in an acidic anaerobic process
  • Removes the risk of toxoplasmosis and other parasites getting into municipal water supplies
  • Safe and easy to employ

Bokashicycle has a formulated accelerant that will rapidly degrade the pet waste when combined with bokashi culture mix in an anaerobic fermenter. It's easy.

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